Comodo Dragon v52.15.25.664 is now available for download.

Hello everyone,

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon Version


  • Applied a fix for unquoted service path issue. Many thanks to Yunus YILDIRIM, CT-Zer0 Team for identifying this issue.

Direct download for

File hashes:
MD5: 1f15a26b73d336599c995be6b7428e81
SHA-1: 57a014777bc23cccbc42cf6d22ffe79752d629a8


The Comodo Dragon Team

Thanks for the update. :-TU

Congrats with this small release. The version number went up one notch.

What about Flash Player 23 plugin in Dragon ?

The Flash Player for Dragon and Chromodo is an external application from Adobe that updates on their schedule. Dragon uses the PPAPI version.

You can download the patest PPAPI version from here:

Step 1 - Select your operating system.
Step 2 - Choose “FP 23 For Opera and Chromium - PPAPI”
Step 3 - Select if you want the “Optional offers”.
Step 4 - Select “Download now”.


Approx. 1 month passed :-TU
On this release still no fix :-\ Is this your “soon” term?
When will you add H.264 support and other codecs?

Can we expect this into new year? (I am optimist)

Hi yigido,

Thanks for your feedback.

I’d like to clarify for all readers that h.264 support isn’t a “fix”, there is nothing broken in the Chromium codebase, h.264 and MSE aren’t supported in Chromium.

h.264 is not a free open standard and open standards for video is better for everybody hence vendors like Google for Youtube are moving away from this proprietary patented license based system to the free and open standards, such as VP9. Nearly all video content on Youtube is now VP9 encoded.

Our teams have been working to add these extra features. They’ve done a lot of work but have some more to complete for MSE + h.264. Again this should be completed soon but I can assure you we have been working on it and are working on it.

It’s better for users if the web moves to free open standards.


I hope and dream an open web too…but I need fluent browsing experience…
People sayin’ “Google will buy Twitter” if it will happen then we maybe do not need to add these to Dragon.

But I cannot understand, this guy also provides free and open sourced Chromium fork…

This browser can play those Twitter videos.

I am schoked because…He is a signle developer and he can maintain this browser.
But you are a “team” and you cannot solve this and we are waiting…and waiting…
and we do not know how much we have to wait!

and I hope you will bring back the old interface with orb button on left and squared tabs…
Great old Dragon days :‘( :’(

Can you give me direct link to OFFLINE installer of this PPAPI ?

Looking at chrlauncher it appears to be just an installer for Chomium, and not a rebranded full fork of a browser 1 guy maintains. There would just be pure binary builds of Chomium with very minor changes, if any. In terms of codec, all the ones missing from Chromium would be missing from this such as Flash etc.

Flash is about to be dropped from Chrome which has to be a good thing considering how many issues are reported about Flash.

I don’t know if Flash supply offline installers. We’re only licensed to take PPAPI Flash from the Adobe. As far as I know no vendor other than Google is currently allowed to ship offline PPAPI.


Here is the offline installer of PPAPI

It always gives latest version :-TU


Here is the offline installer of PPAPI

It always gives latest version :-TU

Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem :wink:

Yigido do you also have the url for the download of the Netscape plugin?

NPAPI link?


Either it is using the system’s decoders (like Opera), or it has enabled Chromium’s support for proprietary formats. Yes, it’s all there, in FFmpeg’s libavcodec, just disabled by default, for licensing reasons.

Indeed. By using VP9 (and later VP10, AV1) instead of AVC/H.264 (which is obsolete and inefficient), bandwidth cost can also be lowered considerably.
Microsoft added support for VP9 and Opus to Edge, and is working with Google, Mozilla, Adobe and others in the Alliance for Open Media.
But of course there is always one rotten apple (missing) in the basket…

For Windows:

This must be works.
Try that in the future…
Go to
Select NPAPI, disable offers…and click on download… You will see an URL in the URL bar

after this URL you should add &standalone=1

Then enter the URL again and you should get the offline installer. NPAPI is a bit tricky but it worked on my PC. :wink:

Hi Eric,
Direct downloads to NPAPI and ActiveX offline installers below, estimated 18-19 MB each.
Flash Player for Internet Explorer - ActiveX
Flash Player for Firefox - NPAPI

Kind regards.