Comodo Dragon v52.15.25.66 is now available for download.

How can I disable DirectWrite.

set the flag on the chrome://flags page to disable DirectWrite

Thanks. But there is not “Disable DirectWrite Windows” on the chrome://flags page in this version.

Sorry Ege but it seems Google Devs removed it from Chromium source codes.
Please see: 579678 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail

There will be no option to disable it from now on. You have to use your browser like this :-\

Thanks. This is so bad for me… :frowning:

If you’re having a problem with the font being very different you can also try the following solution:

That helped with me.

There is only a slight difference between using Direct Write or not.

The latest version doesn’t have this option. :frowning:

I turned back to “” version. :slight_smile:

Can we see a new release soon with “the fixes” thanks ?

I think you already know the answer. Development is slower than was hoped for and expected. It’s better to moderate expectations.

“the fixes” thanks ?
Meaning Video codec support? It’s been expected to be ready around now I guess but it’s probably better to moderate expectations.

Antivirus Jiangmin found trojan in this version of Dragon installer: VirusTotal

Please report it as a false positive with Jiangmin.

Dragon just updated from to

I have 664 now.

Still no fix for the “known” poblem. Half month passed after the latest promise :slight_smile:

V52 seems to be a lot faster than older versions, especially if you have a lot of extensions. It seems to be as fast as my chrome 64 now when starting from a dead stop and launching to my home page.

Question for you all…
Why am I seeing something like this, with a check box to “Confirm browser changes required by Comodo Dragon” without being shown WHAT CHANGES are going to be required?

I don’t click on things, when they aren’t clear, and to the point, and in my opinion, this leaves a LOT of questions unanswered, and simply asks me to just “trust you, without reservation”… Now, I trust Comodo as a company more than most, but this is asking me to put to much trust out there, without even a decent explanation of what’s going on…

At the very least, a link that takes us to a page describing ALL of the changes you want to make is a minimum requirement.

Hi techken

Going by the screenshot above, I would say that by agreeing to this prompt, Dragon’s homepage (inc. other web browsers ???) will be set to Yahoo! as well as their search engines. Why it displays a message about keeping Dragon up-to-date after it has updated is a bit odd ???. I would uncheck this box.


Just updated from version to version

right checksums to 664 version ?
MD5: 1f15a26b73d336599c995be6b7428e81
SHA-1: 57a014777bc23cccbc42cf6d22ffe79752d629a8
SHA-256: 7dcebcb220e4d60fbae28605c0f96097c19ae14be631e16fd4f289ac28afdaa2

EDIT: Please write always sha-256 checksum.This is the only one NOT “cracked” checksum.

Comodo Dragon v52.15.25.664 is now available for download.

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