Comodo Dragon v52.15.25.66 is now available for download.


There is no support for playing those d*mn videos on Twitter. Plugin “Widevine Content Decryption Module” is absent :-X

and of course we have mmore bundles in the new version, is this requested? No, then lets bundle the Comodo Dragon too, to make it more irritating. It doesn’t check if I already have an antivirus or security suite.
It wants to install CCAV on my PC…

Hello everyone,

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon Version

  • Codebase has been updated to version 52.
  • To help improve PC security for all users Comodo Dragon now offers CCAV post installation/update.

Direct download for

File hashes:
MD5: 981A72244A99D381CD3F131570628A16


Comodo Dragon Team

I added file hashes. Eric

I already knew those infos about antiviruses, about updates…
But Shae, you said CD52 will be ready with this fix. Now, you said it will be soon again… How much soon? Another 1 year?
I am used to listen devs on Comodo Forum. Your “soon” term means at least 2 month for another update :-TD

Does CD check the security center ? Maybe user already have an AV and CCAV is not companion AV… they maybe do not love each other.
Antiviruses are not like browsers. I already have an antivirus and lets say “I am a novice user”…
The alert say “Keep your browisng experience safe”… it doesn’t sound like about antiviruses.

Shane, I answer you on the old thread. Please check I merged your post and another one with this topic to keep things in one place. Eric


Please update the download links on this website:
It gives older versions…
Use the link on your post

Very true

That’s on point!

Please be clear, not “tricky”. This “marketing-y” phrasing is disrespectful towards the users.
And replace “OK” button with something like “I agree to install additional software”, so it is clear what this generic “OK, leave me alone” button will actually do.
Don’t make a “Microsoft” of yourself here…

“Unable to check for new version.”
Update server down?

I direct downloaded, and cannot upgrade, cannot even uninstall, as the installer says the browser is still running. WTF!
this needs to be fixed. Now I am stuck at 50.xx, not very happy about this!!

Please report this in Report Comodo Forum / Web Site Issues. Thank you.

Next time wait for a release topic to be started by either Comodo staff or moderators. Also do not use the start of a release topic as a soap box for your opinion. You can state your opinions once the topic has opened. Next time somebody opens a release topic I will close it.

In the past Comodo has been late with posting release topics for the browsers and promised to do better when I contacted them about it. And they kept word here.

I did not start this threat, Shane started it.
I asked to John to “Please move related psosts to new CD release thread”

This is why you see my post at the first place.

and about the old link problem, it was already reported by me… Check the link that you gave.
You will also see Comodo IceDragon page problmes, too. I do not think that Comodo will solve them. ssh…


Hi John,
Make sure all ‘Dragon.exe’ processes are closed using Windows Task Manager, before executing the installer.


Where is the “Take part in …” option while installing? Is this enabled by defauşt from now on? or Removed completely?
I did not see any setting about it in installed Dragon settings.

I checked the logs and indeed it’s a clerical error on our end. Apologies for the misunderstanding.

and about the old link problem, it was already reported by me.. Check the link that you gave. You will also see Comodo IceDragon page problmes, too. I do not think that Comodo will solve them. ssh..


I don’t think browser staff will update those pages. It’s likely done by another team that handles the web sites. The ball is in Comodo’s field now.

Thanks for the update Comodo, it is appreciated. :-TU


For the first time upgraded to newer version (from older) without user interaction it is normal or not?

Updated today right now (restarted pc and i see something new icon Enforce secure connection and also must again set comodo as default browser).

Version is :

Because before if was update available then i was notifed about new update and i must click on I AGREE to proceed download like in this screenshot

How can I disable DirectWrite.

set the flag on the chrome://flags page to disable DirectWrite

Thanks. But there is not “Disable DirectWrite Windows” on the chrome://flags page in this version.

Sorry Ege but it seems Google Devs removed it from Chromium source codes.
Please see: 579678 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail

There will be no option to disable it from now on. You have to use your browser like this :-\

Thanks. This is so bad for me… :frowning:

If you’re having a problem with the font being very different you can also try the following solution:

That helped with me.

There is only a slight difference between using Direct Write or not.