Comodo Dragon v16 Constant pop ups with Flash Streaming TV video

Installed Comodo Dragon 16 (based on Chromiums v 16.0.912.59) yesterday and did not notice any problems until today.

I have had problems with Flash synchronization audio and video for several months and wondered if the latest release of Dragon might help. (any suggestions appreciated)

Instead I would see this popup Too many times, sometimes the video would play for 10-15 minutes and other times the pop up would occur 3 times in a row.

Oh the selection Proceed anyway never did work. The back arrow in Dragon and in the popup did work.

Ths an old AMD 2.0 with 1 meg of ram

For Dragon Options under the Hood, Privacy the top 3 are unchecked. During the install I selected Secure DNS for Everything. Tried unselecting the last 2 options and that made no difference.

Here is the link to the TV show I was watching.
ABC TV Castle

Thanks again

Casachit and Ronnie, just to let you know that the temp fix

There is only one solution right now that to open Options, Under the hood, HTTPS/SSL, and to disable 'warn me if websites use low validation SSL certificate'.

Helped with the popups.

I know its not Dragon but wish there was a way to buffer flash so video would be as fast as the audio and stay in sync.


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Edit: Uninstalled and Reinstalled Java, Flash Player and also added Adobe Air not sure if that will make a difference.
What is strange now is that normal screen size has more problems than Full Screen. At least today at Full screen most of the TV shows seem to be displaying and playing smoother video and sound (with hardware accelerator ticked).
Only problem is with ads, several out of sync and sometimes when the program starts its reduced to normal and several times the controls are missing. But over all Full Screen at the moment works great 96% of the time and normal screen size maybe in the 30’s.

I would have thought that normal mode would always play and display better than full screen ? 88)

The quote 16 lines above seems to have temporarily solved the above bugs with this release of Dragon !.