Comodo Dragon v will not close on Windows 10

I have used Google Chrome in the past to save Google Docs offline, and recently bought a new Windows 10 Tablet PC and installed Comodo Dragon instead of Chrome for its security. However, Dragon just keeps running in the background and won’t stop!
I first noticed this problem when I ran Ccleaner and it said “Google Chrome needs to be closed to clean the Internet Cache. Do you want CCleaner to close Google Chrome?” Since Dragon is the only Web browser I have ever installed on this brand new PC, and it’s based on Chrome, I know that it’s really telling me that Comodo Dragon needs to close. When I select “Yes” it freezes Ccleaner. When I opened Task Manager Comodo Dragon doesn’t even appear anywhere in the processes. When I open the programs to “Repair” Comodo Dragon I get the same message (“Comodo Dragon needs to close…”) So I tried to uninstall it thinking that maybe the program had been corrupted and simply uninstalling it and reinstalling it might fix the problem. Again I get the message “Comodo Dragon needs to close…” If this is a glitch in my system and there’s a way I can fix this will someone please help me? And if this is really a bug in the program will somebody please fix it?
Please and Thank You.

Hi and welcome. :slight_smile:

Is Continue running background apps when Comodo Dragon is closed selected?

Run Dragon Browser in the Background and Accelerate Performance

No it is not checked. I just checked the settings and it is not checked.

Have you updated Dragon to 48? Does the issue persist?