Comodo Dragon v. beta is available

Next version of Comodo Dragon is now available for download from the following link:

New in this version:

IMPROVED: New codebase. Now we’re based on the Chromium 4.1 stable engine
IMPROVED: Mixed content warning policy: the warning goes now as soon as you leave the mixed-content page, even if you’re still within the same domain

ADDED: Limited internationalization support in installer (so far English (default), Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian. We’ll do more in future releases!)
ADDED: History importing from default Opera browser
ADDED: Default search engine importing from default Opera browser

FIXED: Extended Validation mark was lost when user returned to the page
FIXED: ‘Subscribe’ screen isn’t shown during do an upgrade
FIXED: “Open folder” window is modal now
FIXED: Email ID address is checked for validity in Subscribe screen
FIXED: IE became default browser after upgrading Dragon if Dragon had been default before
FIXED: Error messages were written without space on the Complete screen
FIXED: There was no pop-up message about plug-in, which was going to be installed
FIXED: Uninstall survey page was opened if network went down during new version download

Have a nice and safe browsing!