COMODO Dragon updater

After updating to CD 17, my pc now has a service “COMODO Dragon updater” which automatically runs at system startup.

If I set this service to “manual”, will Dragon still be able to automatically check for update when I am using it (like version 16)?

I mean I would like CD to check for updates IF I start the browser, but NOT at system start up.


You can disable the automatic updates in the Options menu and this will activate the old update method which only checks for updates when Comodo Dragon is launched.

Thank you for your support.

Yes, Dragon will still be automatically checking for updates. But it will not automatically install the updates. You will be provided a choice to download and install update each time it becomes available.

I have latest version of CD installed and I have put update on off, however I keep seeing the update checking every half hour as it shows up in my ‘hips’ window on ESET Smart Security.
I do not want it to be checking. I prefer to manual check.
How do I stop it the update request. I thought by putting the update requesting on disable it would do resolve it. I do not want to keep ending the process in my task manager.

Disable the Comodo dragon updater service in Windows services.

Disabling Auto updates via Dragon ceases silent auto install, but it still checks and shows an alert if updates are available.

Thank you very much, quick reply.

You are welcome, it is a pity it is not configurable through Dragon to completely disable the service.
Kind regards.

Is there any way to disable the check for updates at Dragon startup?

Hi Hause,
Disabling the Comodo dragon updater service through Windows services is the only way that I have found.

captainsticks, I use portable version on usb flash without COMODO Dragon updater service. The problem is that these pop-up notifications about update are a bit annoying if I don’t want to update right now…

My apologies Hause.
I didn’t realise that you meant for the portable version and sorry I don’t know the answer.

I’m sorry, I did not write about details in the first message. :slight_smile:
Maybe someone from the developers will answer when they will be online.

No problems, and I hope you get an answer. All the best.