Comodo Dragon taking over Shortcut Icons

Comodo Dragon v45.6.11.385 (Stable)
Windows 8.1 64 Bit
UAC Turned Off
Windows installed on C Drive
C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo (uninstalled at the moment and am using IceDragon)
Chrome not currently installed
I believe I had adblock installed but I think that was it for plugins.
Using a HP Envy Laptop.

I did not see any topics that mentioned this issue. Apologies if there is one.

When I updated Comodo Dragon it changed the icons of Evernote and TightVNC shortcuts on my desktop and on my taskbar to the comodo dragon icon. The change icon button is greyed out for these icons so I could not change it back myself. I tried rebuilding the icon cache multiple times and different ways. I restarted my computer after each attempt. When I uninstalled Dragon the icons automatically reverted to their original icons. I then installed IceDragon which did not change the icons. I then installed Chromodo which did not change the icons. I then tried installing Dragon again which then changed the icons. I uninstalled Dragon. This time the icons did not change back automatically. I restarted my computer and the shortcuts reverted to their original icons.