Comodo Dragon Suggestion

I’m also looking for a place to make a suggestion.

I’m running the latest CD (update regularly) and noticed the download bar has a few quirks I’d like to
talk about.

While downloading, I ‘think’ there is supposed to be a ‘timer’ type of color wheel around the download
icon, but it really doesn’t seem to do anything until the download is complete when it will flash a couple of
times then disappear.

I suggest that you add “Time of Download” showing total est. time and “Time Remaining” to show (duh) how
much time is uh… remaining! This would be REALLY helpful on those LONG downloads that are required
now with file sizes becoming larger.

Second (and last) suggestion is also with the download bar…
If I ‘Cancel’ a download, drop the tab from the download bar listing of current (or completed) downloads.
Keep the file listing in the “Show All Downloads” listing (shown as ‘Canceled’) but allow the tab for the
canceled download to “drop off” the bar.

Thanks to Team Comodo for wonderful products! Keep up the good work!

Oh, y’all might consider porting your products to Linux and getting a Nascar Sponsorship… especially
Ford Racing… ok… it doesn’t HAVE to be Ford but… just wishing!
Thanks again!

Moved this post to the proper location.

If you click the Show All Downloads link, you’ll see the type of timer I think you’re looking for.

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Sorry HeffeD, found another thread but wasn’t sure where at the time of this post but…

Are you saying I can get the progress bar type of function by clicking ‘Show all downloads’?
I looked at the .png and that pretty much covers the information function!
That would help with larger files but a group of smaller files would require me to ‘click back’ to the
download page to select my next download then ‘click back’ to the ‘Show all downloads’ tab/page to
view the progress of the download.


Moved this post to the proper location.

Where is the proper location? Just asking!

Thanks HeffeD!

Ok HeffeD… sorry, please close this thread, I’ll follow up on the other!


This is the proper location. I moved this post to the Dragon Wishlist sub-forum. This is where any and all suggestions for CD should be posted.

Ok, this is the proper thread… Thanks for that!

But, really, that’s all I had to suggest for now!

I’ll come back here if I find another “nifty” suggestion.

Thanks, HeffeD!

I didn’t mean that you needed to post them all in this thread. Merely that I moved your post to the proper sub-forum.

Wishlist - CD

This sub-forum is where you can post all of your feature suggestions for the browser. :slight_smile: