Comodo Dragon: Strange YouTube behaviour

Hi Forum,

I use Comodo Dragon as my preferred browser, and I’m happy with the way it works, fast and reliable.
However, lately I’ve had this strange problem, when I visit YouTube:

When I start a video everything works fine. Then, if I change my mind and choose another video to watch, I get a pop-out window opening with my new choice, but the first video is still running in the background, and suddenly I have 2 videos running at the same time. It’s the same every time I click any link in YouTube, whether it’s in a playlist or in the row of suggestions shown in the right side of the YouTube website. ???

Why doesn’t it just go to the new page, instead of opening a pop-out window? It’s kind of annoying always having to right-click for opening a new tab or window, in order to avoid 2 videos playing same time.

Any good suggestions or ideas out here will be most welcome :wink:



Do you have any extensions installed in Dragon? Try disabling all of them and see if the issue reproduces.

Thank you.

Hello George, thank you for taking the time, and sorry for my late response, I’ve been moving house since posting this thread.

Anyway, your idea was good, I found that the extension “Image Preview” caused this unwanted behavior.

Extension disabled, problem solved :-TU :slight_smile:


Dragon Version
Win 8, 64bit

What if disabling all extensions doesn’t help? Below is the link to the film:

which works fine in Chrome with all extensions ON or OFF but does not start in Dragon even with all extensions OFF. There are many more like this. It’s just an example. Would somebody from Dragon Crew look into is as it used to work up to ~ month ago.

Kind regards,

Please try the latest Dragon 26.1 and when the problem persists please start a new topic.