Comodo Dragon Start Error

Installed COMODO Dragon all ran fine. After a system restart Dragon won’t start ??? See attached
reinstall Dragon, works fine, after system restart error returns ???

Any ideas?

Windows 7 32bit SP1, COMODO Internet Security 5.8, Backup, Programs Manager, Unite

[attachment deleted by admin]

When Dragon is installed in the portable mode, it creates user profile in the same folder, where it has been installed. If Dragon fails to create user profile folder, then this message is shown.
If you installed Dragon as non-portable it means that specific registry keys are missing.

So, i have the following questions:
Did you install Dragon as portable?
Do you have UAC enabled?

Hi lightstep, It is installed as normal ( not portable ) and UAC is enabled. Have found on other PC that UNITE caused problems, so will try uninstalling that, if not then re-image and start again! :slight_smile: