comodo dragon randomly blocks internet access

i got a problem with comodo dragon internet browser.

the comodo browser randomly cuts off the access to the internet and will stay disconnected for random period of time but its only comodo that has this problem because when i get the problem and use another browser there are no problems. since the geekbudy’s are not smart enough to understand this simple problem (and therefore are to stupid to even try and fix the problem) i hope the community is smarter. has any one experienced this problem ? if so how did you repair it.

when i have internet connection i an unable to watch videos on youtube in hd while on any other browser i have no problems watching in hd

Hi and welcome hunt45,
Some users have recently reported issues with Comodo Secure DNS.
Please try disabling ‘Malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)’, found under privacy in the advanced settings.

Edit: Spelling correction.

Hi captainsticks.Thanks helped.Sorry for bad English.

You are welcome vooR9er.
Your English is fine. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

for me its impossible to deactivate since it was never activated and never installed.

i tried to do your solution but there was nothing to disable
thank you for the fast reply none of the geekbudys where able to understand the problem

Remove Dragon and install Chromodo instead because Chromodo strangely don’t have this issue…i have both and seen this issue on Dragon. for the most part the solution is to disable secure dns in Dragon…but in your case i would change to Chromodo same browser different appearance only… :wink:

only just like the comodo firewall it does not work in windows 10. and when it does work and you want it to be your default browser it starts uninstalling your chromodo

Hi hunt45,
So what you are saying is if you set Dragon as default, that it somehow uninstalls Chromodo? ???


no in windows 10 your standard browser is called Microsoft edge if you want chromodo to be your default you can click on the message in under the web address bar as always.
it then starts the chromodo uninstaller.

if you have comodo firewall installed it will be totally broken when you have installed windows 10 or windows 10 is corrupted beyond repair.
even though the geekbuddy keeps telling its compatible its not.

spare yourself the trouble and wait till windows 10 is stable now its only breaking my programs for me so untill this problem is solved or comodo actually makes their stuff compatible this toppic can be shut down