Comodo Dragon problem with colors in windows 10 TP [Solved]

[s]Uhm… see screenshot… Any idea what the hell happened and how to fix it?

Happened after I updated Windows 10 TP 9926 to 10041 (Didn’t happen the first time, only second time I updated)[/s]

Edit: Apparently Windows decided to update my Nvidia drivers without me telling it to and it then installed the 3D drivers which then caused this issue… Windows, I never told you to update my graphics drivers, I have a better freaking idea of what the hell I want them to be than you do, leave my rubbish* alone you *****.

I removed the profanity from the topic title and made it more informative by adding Windows 10 TP to the title

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Hi Sanya,
Did you try disabling ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’, in Dragons advanced settings under system?

Kind regards.

No, but at the same time I don’t want to, it was the nvidia 3D drivers that fudged it up, so uninstalled them.

Windows 10 TP does automatically update whether you like or not. That is generally known under people testing it.

Force updating windows components is fine but force updating graphics drivers is not, it hasn’t done that during the other TP builds and now when I’ve uninstalled the drivers and installed the drivers myself it hasn’t tried to install them again.

Besides that the 3D drivers are rarely needed for anyone unless you play in stereoscopic 3D or similar, perhaps they do something else too but I haven’t had them installed for months and haven’t had any issues in games, in fact games run better without them in my experience.

Edit: I had also in previous build used gpedit to disable this unwanted forced update, it was reset in the update.