comodo dragon pop up blocking

i wish the pop up blocker was more adjustable. one should be able to set it to low medium or high. i have visited sites and popups such as “jasmine live”, pop up.

I don’t know of any such browser that offers this because it is so hard to accomplish. With Dragon (soon) using Chromium version 5.x, there should be a better handling of pop-ups.

hey, the best version is 5.x beta.
New version beta: 5.0.375.38 (10-5-2010)

We are well aware thanks. 5.x should go stable around the end of this month or next. Nightly releases of Chromium are on version 6.

Comodo Dragon = Chrome stable (23-3-2010).

I’m sad because I expected a newer version.

Remember: Dragon IS NOT Chrome. It is based off of Chromium!

Ok, but “update versions” of chromium are the best!!!

Not always. They update too frequently to keep up. (They ■■■■ through releases all too fast!) We will try our best to stay current.

Yeah. For me CD is the best browser. Congratulations to “Sal Amander” and your team.

What I am saying is there are versions of Chromium very important, for example 5.0.375.38 beta that corrects many errors and increases speed…Just a suggestion.

Personally, I use Chromium nightly editions. I am in the 6.x series of Chromium on my home machine and see little to no issue with it. HOWEVER, that is still classed as an ALPHA product. The 5.x series isn’t officially stable at this time. Once it goes stable, we’ll get a release out on it.