Comodo Dragon no longer runs virtualized from shortcut after upgrade to V10

FWIW - we have the issue where after the upgrade to Comodo 10 Dragon won’t run from the virtualized shortcut. Our current platform:
internet security premium 10 free version
db version 27648
viruscope details: recognizer_v10.0-.1.6258.dll, recoznizerCryptolocker.dll
Comodo Dragon version 58.0.3029.113

Try to launch from a shortcut created by CIS, it loads the virtual_mode_helper.exe (can see in task manager) but nothing happens.

If you open Dragon and choose switch to virtual mode, it takes you to the URL chrome://virtual-unavailable/ and tells you to Install Comodo Internet Security to enable Virtual Mode.

If you open CIS and go to tasks, containment and choose Run Virtual and then choose Dragon, it runs virtually. HOWEVER, it does not launch the virtual_mode_helper.exe program, but does launch several instances of dragon.exe *32 which is normal.

Soooo…me thinks what if I get rid of the virtual_mode_helper.exe (well, rename it) and delete the old shortcut and create a new one? So I rename virtual_mode_helper.exe to oldievirtual_mode_helper.exe I delete my existing virtual dragon shortcuts ('cause they are using this program to launch).

I go into Comodo and relaunch Dragon virtually and tell Comodo to create a shortcut.
I close out the virtual dragon.
I re-launch virtual dragon using my NEW shortcut.
It works!

Issue resolved for us. :slight_smile: :-T