Comodo Dragon looks fine to me

Hi all, I have read a lot about people not liking the look of CD, I just think a change can take some time to get used to. I personally think CD looks quite nice. Treat your Browser like your friends its not how pretty they are its how well they treat you that counts. Just my opinion, kind regards to you all.

You saying you mix with the ugly bunch then?

Pretty or ugly does not matter to me none. The answer to your question I suppose I do to some and not to others.

I like the cut of your jib! I bet if you had ventured to the grafton in Liverpool you would have been a success. However secure,fast or whatever CD & other chromium browsers are I just feel like someone designed their appearance using an Etch A Sketch.

Your probably right about the etch and sketch type appearance but they do have character. I’ll have to admit I’m not totally happy with any modern browser. Maybe all browser designers should get together and make one super pretty, super functional, super fast, super lightwieght browser, if thats at all possible.Take the best bits from them all. It does appear as if they are all copying one another so might as well join forces. Stuartm thanks for your comments , I’m very new at this forum stuff but enjoying it.

I like the look of CD too. :wink: It’s clean, not cluttered and a breeze to navigate through, doesn’t crash, freeze, etc. I give it two thumbs up! and five stars! :-TU

Well one problem is that Grey, that seems to be the tone here, is widely associated as a dreary days and feelings color.

I was also in the Navy, so it gives me that feeling of ‘Haze Gray & Underway’, LOL… :slight_smile:

So from a marketing standpoint to give the widest mass appeal, I don’t think Grey is going to win any honors here if you really want to know the truth.

Sure Comodo might be on the serious tone of security and I’m all for that, but something a bit more cheerful won’t hurt either.

I also don’t personally like the look of the tabs, the style looks a bit old fashion, since I come from a Unix background, I’ve seen a lot of this look 10 years ago, not very modern at all.

I took SS of many themes that I use.
Used on the beta, so give it a whirl. XD

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Horrible. Look like made by a child.

Please have some respect for others!!!

Svalbard2, please review the Forum Policy.

Particularly item number two under Unacceptable Behaviors.

I see it more as a Creative-type of comment.

It’s artistic and by no means am I offended(maybe the development team might be).

This might be seen as an off-topic, so I will put it off from here(that means that I will stay on topic from now on). :slight_smile:

Then again, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. :-X

Or you could just go to the google theme page…

Check out some of the themes that I suggested, tell me what you think.
His post is since Sept., so the new stuff is a bit further down. You’ll see the images with a little scroll. :slight_smile:

I like the dark one…I always like dark themes. ;D

Nice work.

I’m really liking the look of the current version. Easy on the eyes and uncluttered. :wink:

I am using Comodo Dragon and it looks great to me and does its job very well as a good web browser should. I love all of the Comodo Products. ;D


Can you show me the theme?

I like the look of CD by default!

It’s by ‘megamanx’ on the first page of this thread.;msg470670#msg470670
it’s the bottom screen shot.

Thanks :slight_smile: I find the glow cool :smiley: