comodo dragon issue?

hi, try this new version of dragon ( with some extensions, but, xmarks, adblock, lastpass) but when i try click on lastpass icone CD crash withou any info about the issue, if you can ideia about this, plese tell me something thanks

i have windows 7 PRO with UAC disable, comodo internet security

ps i notice that if i put the username and password on the page it works well but if i log out CD craches again

same here, using Dragon Portable and can’t access Extensions
allways crashing, atm i’m hoping for a update/solution, because for me dragon at new version not usable.
Btw i also tried a new profile and installation

I’m seeing the same behaviour, CD crashes on clicking the lastpass icon, when not logged in to lastpass.
CD 25.0.3 portable, on windows XP.