Comodo Dragon is renamed '' Comodo Fire Dragon ''

Comodo Dragon is renamed ‘’ Comodo Fire Dragon ‘’

It is in the menu as Fire Dragon but the page it links to still calls it Dragon: Best Internet Browser 2022 | Free Secure Web Browser .

Is this a name change or a website error? May be somebody from Staff could comment?

:THNK If this is the case, then would the naming be the wrong way round ??

Should the ’ Firefox ’ version have been called Fire Dragon instead of Ice Dragon then you would know which of the two is based on Firefox ?

3 years ago there was a ’ Chromodo ’ version released, would it be better to go to that name so that you know it is the Chromium based version ?

Or leave the two as Dragon & Ice Dragon ?

Just my meandering thoughts :wink:

Yeah, this can definitely be confusing to some people. Firefox is associated with fire. Now associating the Comodo counterpart with ice is interesting as it’s an opposite. But making the Comodo Chrome counterpart “Fire Dragon” would be too confusing, inconsistent IMO.