Comodo Dragon is a developed software or abandonware?


My question: Comodo Dragon is a developed software or abandonware?
I wait and wait an update…
And still the v4 is the latest.
I would like use e.g. the Adblock addon.



Last week the Comodo Dragon team released a beta version of the next Dragon, which is based on version 6 of the Chromium core. You may want to check out this beta product in the Beta Corner.

I need a download URL to the latest comodo dragon.

And I have an another question: Comodo Cloud Scanner is a living program-or abandonware?


Here is the latest beta ( :slight_smile:

Sadly they are no longer actively developing CCS. Pity as it was one of my favorite security apps.

its technology was incorporated into CIS so not really abandoned.

But it doesn’t help my methodology I developed here if CCS is no longer developed.

It’s for that reason that I really like CCS.

John, you may want to clarify that you’re speaking of the Cloud Scanner so that people don’t get confused between it and Dragon.

(You may delete this post if you see fit)

Responding to Chiron. Sorry. I could have made it clearer.