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Comodo Dragon is stated to provide increased privacy vs. Chrome. Can someone point me to a list of the elements of this. I did look on the site, but did not find it.

What is it that Chrome does, but CD doesn’t do, that increases privacy?

What is it that CD does, but Chrome doesn’t do, that increases privacy?

Hmm…, if you really want to significantly increase your privacy and security options, then check out “ZenMate” and “Disconnect” at the Chrome Web Store. Both install seamlessly into CD.

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Simple… Google LOL! ;D

Good Q on the serious note.

Read here why:;msg481398#msg481398

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The first "answer was not an answer, but a suggestion for different products.
The second one points to a RELEASE NOTES for a single version.

The site advertises, “Comodo Dragon. – A Chromium technology-based Browser that offers you all of Chrome’s features PLUS the unparalleled level of security and privacy you only get from Comodo. Including a greater level of privacy than Chromium technology offers.”

All I am asking is, what specifically does CD do or not do that leads to that statement–especially the bolded part, or is it just marketing lies (which I don’t think is the case)? And I would really like a reasonably complete list, not just one example. I was really surprised to not find it front and center, somewhere easy to click to.

Am I asking too much? If so, why is it too much to ask. It seems like if the claim is made, it should be explainable.

It is clear in the release notes what better privacy Comodo Dragon offer over Google Chrome. If you don’t understand this… Nobody can make it more clear…

Release notes explain what THAT ONE SINGLE RELEASE implements.

If these release notes are different than the way everybody else does it, then all I have to is… how very strange.

Indeed, the words in it prove exactly what I am saying…
ADDED (thus not expressing what was already there)

It is totally clear that those words are talking ONLY about things done in that one single update, and not about what was in the original release nor what was in any of the releases preceding THAT one.

I don’t intend to argue with you beyond this. If anyone else has a REAL answer to my question, I would appreciate it.

I’m not sure if you will consider this a REAL answer, but as follows is a summary of what I was able to find.

The following Google functions were removed or disabled in the first release of Comodo Dragon;

User tracking by Google
Automatic access to Google Search on startup for users with Google as default search engine
404 (or similar) error pages from Google when a host can’t be found
Automatic address bar query suggestions
Bug tracker sending information on crashes/errors to Google

N.B. : These were the Google functions disabled/removed in the first release of Comodo Dragon. Subsequent releases have added other security enhancements, fixed existing functionality or removed additional Google functions. Following the ADDED, FIXED and REMOVED notes in the subsequent releases will give you the full list.

As far as I can see, Dragon has an initial focus on breaking the non-user-initiated information stream between a user and Google.

Sorry but I don’t know (and wasn’t able to quickly Google) what the privacy enhancements that Comodo Dragon has over a base Chromium browser are.

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That link was to a post from one of Dragon’s developers regarding the initial Alpha release of Dragon. Those are the main differences between Chrome and Dragon.

There are a few things that have been added since then, like blocking http referrers, and the ability to enable SecureDNS when using the browser, and the ability to enter virtual mode (If you’re using CIS). I’m sure there are some other things I’m forgetting, but that is the meat and potatoes… :embarassed:

AH critical information appears…that the notes were describing things added, removed or fixed relative to Chrome–not relative to the previous version of “THIS” program, which is what release notes are usually for.

And Panic, that was very helpful.

I think between these two posts, now we have a basic llist, but still uncovered are privacy things that have been added, removed, or fixed from version to version as CD moved through its own life.

It looks as though this is as close of a list as is available, and I “muse” yet again that such is a strange situation since Comodo touts this, but apparently does not make available a (current) list of what its privacy advantages are.

A feature list comparing CD to Chrome would be nice, I agree.

At this point however, if you want to see all of the tweaks that have been made along the way, you’ll need to look at the release notes for each version.

Reference below (Yes this was for dragon version 17 beta. It’s still there even in the newest versions now and the future :slight_smile:;msg583811#msg583811

but still uncovered are privacy things that have been added, removed, or fixed from version to version as CD moved through its own life
Besides whats been written, this was all I can think of right off the top of my head to add. So I knew where to find that one
but apparently does not make available a (current) list of what its privacy advantages are.
Yeah, thats one of comodo's quirks. It's scattered everywhere.

Great tip, didnt know about zenmate, works great :a0