Comodo Dragon has a RAM usage problem on Choice of Games forum

Symptoms- Going to the website and Staying on that page or any other page within that forum gradual RAM increase that does not plateau so it will eventually take up all available RAM
Steps Taken- I have used the browsers Comodo Ice Dragon and Goggle chrome to see if it was a universal effect across different browsers the effect as far as I have seen is unique to Comodo Dragon
Comodo Dragon Version
Theme- I’m sorry but I do not remember what my current theme is
Extensions-Avast Online Security 10.0.2502.149 Comodo Drag&Drop Service 2.3.2 Comodo Media Downloader 1.4.6 Comodo Share Page Service 0.1(Disabled) Comodo Web Inspector 0.3
Windows Version- Home Premium 64-bit (fully updated as of 12/5/2014)
System Drive- C:
Place-C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon
User Privileges- Administrator
Google Chrome is installed