Comodo Dragon - Flash Player - Nordic languages problem -Norwegian/Danish tested

Whenever you start a web Flash application with the possibility to enter text input (i.e. chats), the following letters are not possible to use:
; : and capital Ø, Æ and Å

However, regular æ, ø and å works

Note: It works fine in any other browser with the same Flash player installed.

Steps tried:
-Disabled existing Flash Player under dragon://plugins/ and upgraded to latest version from
-Switched from Norwegian to Danish keyboard input in Windows. Same result.
-Switched from Norewgian to English input. English seems to work fine (Not tested with Æ, Ø and Å, though.)

Comodo Dragon Version
OS Windows 7 64-bits Service Pack 1
UAC Diasbled.

(I think these problems are the same for every Windows version.)

Hi and welcome Erikmy,
I am not sure if it will help your individual issue but there have been some known issues between the current Adobe Flash Plugin and Dragon.
Some issues have been resolved by installing the latest Flash Beta V11.7.

Hallo and thank you.

I now tried to upgrade to the latest beta version of Flash (11.7).

Strangely enough, it seemed to fix the problem with capital Æ, Ø and Å.

However it still messes up with semi colon, colon and a bunch of other special characters:

[td]Keyboard Input: [/td][td]Screen output:[/td][/tr]

In short:
It acts as English was selected as the keyboard language in Windows or the browser, even though that isn’t the case except from when you use Æ, Ø and Å which it got some support for.

I really feel like this is something the developers need to look into unless there is somebody out there able to make a registry fix or something like that.
(I’m not a developer so I wouldn’t know for sure, though.)

Thanks so far!

If and only if this issue is as a result of the other issues with Flash, the only complete workaround I see until Flash catches up is to get a copy of PepperFlash or downgrading Dragon.
The PepperFlash workaround is not 100% straight forward though, you have to get a copy of PepperFlash and point Dragon to it.
A quite extensive post with an example of how this can be done by TheDukeUK in the link below has some details.
Comodo Dragon ver 26.0 is now available for download

Thanks alot! That worked like a charm :slight_smile:

Uploaded a shortcut for other to use so they don’t have to do the typing:

(You have to unzip it to wherever location you want it i.e. your desktop. Remember you also need Chrome installed at the default location.)

I have no idea who’s falling behind and who’s error it is as I do not know what is causing this, all I know is this works fine with all other browsers, so I hope this will get sorted out eventually as you say.

Glad to hear that worked.
Thanks for posting the shortcut for others with Chrome installed. :-TU
Note for others without Chrome installed: The target field path will vary according to the location of PepperFlash.