Comodo Dragon fails to run in Comodo Sandbox

I am not sure why but it is not running in Sandbox. I can see using the killswitch that its running in the background but its not showing up.

I did reset the sandbox. Still nothing.

Please wait and see if it shows up after about 30 minutes. If so then it’s likely related to this bug report.

If not please put your report in the format provided in this post.


Are you on Windows 8? It appears to be a problem specific to that OS.

christarzan, please answer my questions, and those of Dch48, so that we can better understand the issue you are experiencing.


PM reminder sent.

Yes, I am on Windows 8 64bit.

Thanks for the pm Chiron.

Yes, it is related to the bug as you mentioned in your first post.

Thanks. In that case I will move this to Resolved.

Please post your information in that other bug report, if you have not already.

Thank you.