Comodo Dragon failing to open sites at times?.

I am using CD v16.1 and have been using CD as my default browser now for some weeks. The “problem” I am having is that inadvertently for whatever reason I get an error pop up in CD telling me I cannot connect to a web page and giving me a list of options. Now the problem is with CD as I can access the very same web page with Firefox and/or IE. Usually I have treated it as a glitch and it would normally connect ok by either exiting and restarting CD or by visiting another website first and then returning to the web page in question. These are not dodgy websites et al but my regular haunts like the TGP forums and even the Comodo website itself. The reason I am writing about it now is that I just sat for nearly two hours putting in my first sellers ad in Ebay and just when I got to the final part by signing into my PayPal account CD tells me it cannot access the site. Instead of using the back button I mistakenly closed the tab and exited Ebay also. On restarting CD it wouldn’t enter Ebay either. I ended up having to use Firefox to go to Ebay where luckily they had remembered my details and I was able to finish my listing uneventfully. Is this a known bug or does someone know a work round. It is getting irritating and I am contemplating returning to Firefox as my default browser.

Are you using any extensions? If so, list them.

I am using Ad-Block Plus for Google Chrome, Chrome You Tube Downloader, Download Assistant, Facebook Disconnect, Ghostery.

Ghostery does the same thing as Facebook Disconnect, or nothing that I can think of that makes FD better.

Check the things that Ghostery blocks, I come across problems with Ghostery sometimes.

Or, if you’re already using ABP, just subscribe to the EasyPrivacy filter. It will block everything that Ghostery does, so you can do away with another extension. :slight_smile:

Blocking ads on Chromium doesn’t necessarily mean prevent the trackers from tracking you. If it’s the normal ABP, from Chrome’s extension site, it’s merely just removing them after they load. If he’s using the Experimental version, it blocks them from loading, when it happens to block. Either way, you still might want to use Ghostery to block tracking.

On-topic: I can’t seem to come across any of the problems you are having. Maybe disable the Comodo Secure DNS. Not to attack it, since it’s great, but it does prevent me from logging into the University’s wireless, since it’s a re-direct, I have to disable it to access the login page+browse the web with Comodo. Literally, when I login, I can’t re-activate the Comodo DNS or I can’t browse the web either.

Are you using Comodo DNS? If so, is it across the whole system, or Just within CD?


When I was doing testing (On Firefox) while using the EasyPrivacy filter, I couldn’t find a single website that Ghostery found anything to block. Disabling the filter, Ghostery found trackers to block.

Don’t confuse Chromium and Gecko.
Chromium still have issues with blocking through those extensions, the companies even mention it(Evidon from Ghostery and Wladimir Palant from ABP), I use both Ghostery and ABP on Pale Moon. As far as ABP goes, it can’t compare to Adblock, but the ABP’s Experimental version is close to blocking the ads from downloading in the first place, like on the Fox, and they might prevent some tracking. (Adblock and ABP just remove the ads but doesn’t prevent them from downloading.)

Also, EasyPrivacy is your personal choice, I use Fanboy’s List.
Either way, you have great tips.


Wouldn’t dream of it…

I am using Comodo secure DNS as my PC default.

here is a screenshot of the error i keep getting.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Try all the sites you attempted before without the Comodo DNS, it could be key for something they can work on.

Off-topic: What’s up with the “The last posting from your IP was less than 1 seconds ago. Please try again later.”?

Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): is a pretty common error for Chromium based browsers but there’s no single solution that works for everyone. I suggest you take a look through:

Error 102 ( net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED ): Unknown error - Google …
chrome can’t connect [ Error 102 ( net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED …

yesterday evening I read through Radaghasts links but found nothing that helped me. This morning I found that as well as Comodo Dragon the same problem was also happening on Firefox 8 and IE9 albeit not so often as with CD. I thought I would try Megamanx’ suggestion on changing the DNS servers so went over to Gizmos for a look at the reviews and finally decided to try DNS Advantage. I followed the instructions and entered the relevant data around 0600hrs today and now at 1400hrs I have got a straight through connection on every site I have visited since I changed. The problem on my PC as far as I can see is not with CD but with Comodo Secure DNS. Something else I should mention, I am near sure that the DNS Advantage server numbers are exactly the same as the old Comodo DNS server numbers. Is DNS Advantage also a Comodo product?.

Not a Comodo product, Comodo used to have their DNS servers hosted by Neustar/DNSAdvantage, hence the similarity in addresses.

Glad you managed to find a solution :slight_smile:

I was out of juice and was relying on Radaghast’s solution to work, he’s more deep-technical.

Also, don’t forget to acknowledge him for stating about CD’s DNS as well.

I can’t imagine that I am the only one to have these problems with Comodo secure DNS so is Comodo working on this or not?. Being a long time (since v2.4) fan of Comodo and at present using Comodo CIS, Comodo Dragon, Comodo Program Manager I would also prefer that my DNS servers were Comodo as well so can anyone tell me what the chances are of this happening anytime soon?.

You are not the only one. I told you on one of my previous comments that I disable it too. Many sites I go to, I got to many-many, seem to get caught with the DNS. So, I take the DNS is a WIP still, nothing wrong with that. Yeah, some people reported some sites before and they have been fixed. :slight_smile:

What worries me is that Ebay and Paypal are too common, those wouldn’t, shouldn’t actually, have problems with their DNS.

I recommend that you install LastPass on IE, Firefox, and Dragon. This will allow you to sync your accounts/passwords on all your accounts, simply by logging in.