Comodo Dragon Explorer! (Windows Explorer replacement)

I have tried most of the File system managers out there, Directory Opus, Free Commander, x-plorer, and a handful of others, but none really have any true lasting power over Windows Explorer when it comes down to a combination of features and value driven (that is FREE) appeal. Well, that is all except Q-Dir. Q-Dir has alot going for it and I think it would be awesome if Comodo perhaps latched onto Q-dir and do what you did with Dragon and make it into a ‘Sandbox’ explorer package, using Chromium engine that would allow you to surf the web in your windows browser, check email and access your cloud/virtual storage accounts where you store your music, movies, pictures and enable you to access them while at it. Built in media player not withstanding here, something along the lines of XM-play or Media Player Classic for sure. And with Q-dir’s quad pane views being able to utilize your quad core cpu on that ATI Tri-finity GPU drawing pixels on your 3 30" LED monitors enabling you to do all of this at the exact same time! And if something goes awry, well, it’s sandboxed, so you’re free to do as you please and delete it in the end without worry.
I can see potential here.
It just came to me. Total Commander sorta has alot of this built in, but is really difficult to wrap heads around in simplicity. So Comodo could simplify what they attempt (not to say they did a bad job, Total commander is pretty awesome) in a quad environment with all necessary software built in such as file viewers, image previewers, media players, anti virus, sandbox, im client, p2p program, web browser, virtual desktop, cloud storage control, system backup/restore capability that constantly monitors your system/network from within the Cloud and is in Realtime monitoring your computer and is able to fix errors on the fly as they happen before you even know anything even happened.

Ok, I can dream can’t I? But, I know that this tech is out there. It’s just a matter of packaging it all into one viable and marketable envelope. Maybe make a Comodo computer with this built in as an OS? LOL. Just like Apple or Dell.

Ha ha

will be better, if its will be something like a Total Commander, but freeware =)