Comodo Dragon dns error?.. windows10

An error as dns.
Like the image.

Please try to disable Comodo Secure DNS under Comodo Dragon settings.

Please see the help guide about it


new UCC

I understood your words.
Further questions.
Is it OK to show up?[[at] ~tcp dll)
I am using Korean language.

The image(youtu UCC) is the entire process of installing a program.
To my computer

I do not understand what you are trying to tell…I watched the video and you just switch the Comodo DNS on-off again and again.
All I can say, Comodo DNS seems blocked on your region.
Please contact GeekBuddy and chat with them. They will assist you. :-TU
Primary DNS server address -
Secondary DNS server address -
kt… korea
Do not use router.

I showed the whole life of my installation.
Local dns …
Like my picture, and like a movie …
I showed a change in my computer.
You said that there was no particular problem.
I …
I understood well about the contents of

If there was a problem with my installation process …
I wrote it to show you.

Microsoft Windows10 64bit pro [Version 10.0.15007]
(c) 2017 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

I am playing the game of leagueoflegends
My computer connection is unstable.
My computer and I also encountered a problem.
Something complicated happens to my computer …I’ve been asked.

Thank you.^^
I really like the new design.
I hope Korean language support is finished.