Comodo Dragon did not shut down correctly

In recent weeks most times when I close down CD normally I later get the message “Comodo Dragon didn’t shut down correctly…” and offering to restore the sessions. Not sure why this started happening. It is up to date. It’s a bit of a pain and any suggestions or fixes welcome, thanks.

Hi cavehomme,
Check for any updates for your plug-ins.
Try running with all possible suspect/conflicting extensions disabled.
Last resort try creating a new user profile.
Please note: Bookmarks, preferences etc are not automatically transferred to the new user profile.
As a precaution I always export my bookmarks to a HTML file from the bookmarks manager.
Create a new user profile
Edit: Corrected spelling.

Thanks for the suggestion Captain. Not sure how to update extensions in CD. In Firefox it is a very simple matter to update all in one operation, but I cannot see any way in CD tools / extensions to update them. I therefore guess it may be automatic, but your comments suggest otherwise? Thanks.

Hi cavehomme,
Sorry if my post was at all misleading, most extensions do auto update in Dragon as long as they are installed from the Chrome Web Store/Gallery and they have an update URL specified in the manifest file.

If in doubt check the specific extensions website/homepage.