Comodo Dragon Crashing

Hi all,

I’m new here so I hope this is in the right spot. I’ve been using Dragon for over a year now and love it. Recently though I’ve been having some issues on my one computer that I have never had before.

The first issue is that whenever I set the page I want on startup, setting it to the new tab page (or using the work around dragon://newtab) as soon as I try to go to any web page at all, Dragon crashes. If I set the homepage to blank, or any other page, it works just fine. I read online that the user data can be corrupt so I tried resetting that and still no luck. I also re-installed and I have the same problem.

The second issue is that flash player crashes on Youtube, and only Youtube. I can play flash games and watch flash videos on any other website, but Youtube crashes it. What’s even weirder is that it was working fine this morning. I have also tried re-installing flash to no avail.
Edit: Youtube only crashes if Dragon is not running, and I click a link to Youtube that someone has sent me. If Dragon is already running and I click the link, it’s just fine.

Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Hi and welcome sharf224,
This sounds similar to some issues that were in previous versions?
Are you running the current version of Dragon? V26.2.2.0
Have you added any other extensions or any other system changes recently?

Yes, you have posted in the correct location. :slight_smile:

I am running and it says it is up to date. I have made no changes to my system that I can think of, the only possibility is my new mouse and keyboard and their software, but dragon was working after I installed them. I have not added any other extensions (I usually run ad-block plus, but I have not done that this time around).