Comodo Dragon Crashes

Comodo Dragon browser crashes when I try to import my bookmarks from Chrome. When I click ‘‘Import bookmarks now…’’ it opens a window that ask me where to import settings. I choose Chrome and click Import and suddenly it says Comodo Stops Working. How can I fix this problem?

Hi and welcome Restasis,
I am not sure why it is crashing during import, but the following maybe a workaround for you.

  1. Export your bookmarks from Chrome to a HTML file.
    See ‘Export bookmarks from Chrome’.
    Import or export bookmarks-Support Google

  2. Import your bookmarks into Dragon from the previously saved HTML file.
    See ‘To import bookmarks from any browser as a HTML file’.
    To import bookmarks from any browser as a HTML file-Comodo Help

Hope that works.

Thanks. It worked for me. :slight_smile:

Hi Restasis,
That is good to hear. :-TU

Kind regards.