COMODO Dragon & COMODO i-Vault

During the past few months, I tried looking for some password databases. Every time I download those programs, I hear a little voice say, “Wait, if I install this, I’ll have two password databases, one with COMODO Dragon and one with the new password database. If I use the new database, then, the database with COMODO Dragon won’t be used and you know, you don’t like having two programs with the same features installed, if you use COMODO Dradon, then you can’t store all your passwords because it does not support all websites. So what should I do” This occurs month after month. pathetic, I know. This is not the only issue though, it’s because I just don’t trust any other program for security.

I have been using CD for months and there is nothing more frustrating then typing usernames and password.
It is my preferred internet browser, which I use frequently. Unfortunately, the username and password feature is limited. CD does not store the usernames and passwords for some sites. Such as; Comodo Forum,, and many others.

I recently remembered about COMODO’s i-Vault. I searched around and eventually read “i-Vault has been currently putting on hold, and is not getting any developer attention right now” from a thread.
I only used this program once and forgot about it. I hope COMODO plans merging COMODO Dragon and i-Vault. A think merging these two programs will be great, though, I only hope I can use it on all websites. increased encryption is also a must.

I’m sure other COMODO users will eagerly await such development. Until then we’r stuck with the current password database and I’m stuck being insecure, with the decision, either to install a new password database or suffer typing my usernames and passwords into website which CD does not support.

Great work COMODO Team keep it up.

you can use lastpass… it is great…

but if i-vault can bring something new than that of lastpass… then its okay for me… otherwise :-TD

I know about LastPass. It stores your usernames and passwords online (server based), Don’t like that concept.
I’m too insecure with anyone other then COMODO. However, other then the online server concept, the general idea is great. something like that integrated into CD will be a great feature.

would be cool if it came back but dont hold your breath