Comodo Dragon/Chromodo

Are both on the same release timetable? If not, which is updated more quickly? One more question, has the Google Hotword vulnerability been addressed in the latest release?

I understand the “goal” I am asking about the actuality which has already been realized. CD and Chromodo are not on the same release schedule currently.
Also my second question was not addressed.

Hi Cyberfox007,
I am not sure what is being asked here.
Chromodo updates have been released before Dragon previously, but they intend to be released simultaneously when possible in the future.
What am I missing?

One more question, has the Google Hotword vulnerability been addressed in the latest release? Also my second question was not addressed.
AFAIK it will be addressed from version 45.

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I am verifying that the Google Search Hotword “feature” has been removed from the browser code in the latest release.

Hi Cyberfox007,
The Hotword module/plugin looks to be removed from Dragon 43, but not from Chromodo 43.

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Hi Cyberfox007,

According to our roadmap, Chromodo and Dragon will be updated at the same pace. In 42 and 43 release, we had little delays, with 44 release we will catch the proper schedule with minimum time delay. Our product line has been established to release our browsers very fast.

Google hotword vulnerability has been addressed in Dragon 43 release. These chrome extensions which enables Google hotword, were totally removed in Dragon Ver_43. In Chromodo 44 release, we will add this as well.

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Moves as such are very welcomed!

Hi, I’m new to Dragon & Chromodo, as I have always been an IceDragon user. I’m interested to know what is difference between Dragon & Chromodo in detail as the main Comodo website lack specific detail concerning the difference in the FAQ page.

Hi ReiDeN,
There is not a lot of difference other than branding and some minor subtle GUI differences.
Chromodo is more the traditional Chromium flavour.

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They even have the same feature & functionality? Then why not make one browser a theme for the other browser?
Doesn’t matter, since I’ll try both of them out of curiosity.
Thx Captainsticks.