Comodo Dragon Browser - is nit working last 2-3 weeks. White screen.

Hello! About 7-10 february (2019), browser comodo dragon - is stop working. On full screen - white field. That problem not just mine. + 1 man have that’s problem.

I use PC, windows 7-64 (ultimate).

Need help about it.

Hi Comodrag PK1!

Thank you for your feedback!

Can you give us a little more details about your problem, please (name of the site, if it was a video, or a game, PC specs, etc… ) ?

Comodo Browsers Team

I don’t know what details you need more. Game, site, video? No! It’s doesn’t matter, cuz browser is not working now. Browser… not the game or site. Browser (Comodo Dragon). I click to open comodo browser and on all screen just white field. But some button links has on screen, but it not can view. How can i upload screenshot in that message? I found just “insert photo link”, but can I ulpoad here?

Look on scrennshots. Just white field on all screen, when i open comodo! But in this field, there are objects that can be clicked. However, if you click on them, the browser lags and stops working completely. This is visible in the task manager.

Look at the 3 screenshot, I hover the cursor over the “Creative Studio” button in my YouTube channel. I opened this YouTube channel in such a way that on a white field I searched for the cursor until it turned into a hand, and the link was displayed on the left-bottom. I pressed it. But later, after 1 minute, the browser stopped working completely again.

I think this is due to the updates of Windows 7. Or rather, you updated the Komodo browser, so that with certain old updates of Windows 7, an image conflict now occurs. Because on my PC and 1 Laptop - the same problem. However, I have a 2nd laptop, and there are also windows 7, but there are almost no updates.

But I have ONLY selective updates that I put in case of urgent need. One of the last is microsoft vusial c ++ 2005, 2008, 2010.

Hi Comodrag PK1!

Could you please try a fresh install of the browser? You can download the x64 setup from here , or the x86 setup from here:

Comodo Browsers Team

Still ot working. I try x64 and x86.

One time, when downloading x64, has been that error:
Extract: error writing to file mr.pak

But I try againg, and downloading is norm. But, still not working - white screen and not responding.

Maybe it cuz after update to new version? Can I downloading older cersion? For example 2-3 years ago cersion of comodo dragon? Do you have that version?