"Comodo Dragon Browse"! - {Idea Rejected}

Yeah, I know it will take a lot of effort and this idea will probably be rejected (I’m not quite sure of it myself), but howabout Comodo make a secure internet browser!

(silence from the crowd)

And name it “Comodo Dragon Browse(r)”!

(silence from the crowd)

Just to break the silence:
What exactly do you have in mind?
A firewall is intended for the very purpose of making browsing secure.
Or are you thinking of active content?

I was thinking, well, I don’t know. Just throwing the idea out there. :wink:

Maybe it could just be a browse for “smart” people who know about computers to examine webpages.
Or maybe be the most secure and configurable browse ever!


Aren’t you satisfied with Firefox or Opera?

Sincerally, I prefer COMODO concentrating his develop team with security softwares.

Yep, I’m satisfied with FF. I guess you’re right.

I’m satisfied by Google Chrome :smiley:


Although I must admit, COMODO Dragon Browser is a pretty cool name, I’m satisfied with FF.

And i am sastified with Opera.
“Firefox burns all night, forcing you with its fire lure and never to go to bed.”~ Confucius, 499 B.C.

Wasn’t that quote short and sweet, I feel that it is.

BIG NO for that… we dont need another browser :wink:


sigh how many times again …

  1. This has been proposed a hundreds of times before just use the search :slight_smile:
  2. They don’t want to make it because
  • there are already superb browers at the moment
  • and all those browsers are already free !

So why would you spend more development money in that ?


Idea is nice but I think we really don’t need another one.

Ok, since as I thought this was firmly rejected, I’ll lock it.