Comodo Dragon blocking sites even after uninstallation

I installed Comodo and used it on my PC, i liked it alot except for the fact that it blocked access to sites and told me:
Prohibited Content: Site may contain content that is prohibited on this network.

I couldnt figure out how to change the ratings and how to allow content of any kind on Dragon, so I uninstalled it.
Both BEFORE & AFTER uninstallation the SAME problem would happen in Chrome, Flock, Rockmelt. I can understand how since they are all based on the same source code this problem would occur.
Now that I have uninstalled Dragon, however, I would really like to get rid of this blockage.
How do I do it?

Sounds like you need to disable SecureDNS.

You’ll need to reconfigure your TCP/IP properties to the setting Obtain DNS server address automatically, instead of Use the following DNS server addresses.

If you are unsure of where to locate this setting, check these pages out.
For Windows XP
For Vista/Windows 7

Thanks very much, do you have a link for how to do it windows 7 64bit? sorry i didnt mention that before…

it’s the same thing.

ok, just got it, sorry about that…appreciate your help!