Comodo Dragon Black Theme?


I just updated dragon to Version

Is there any way to change back the old theme, instead of the new black one? I really liked the old one better :slight_smile:

I dont think there is :

Try this one instead

Much better than the default new Dragon.

Shame its lost the Dragon eye on the settings icon

Also [at] Dragon devs : WTH is with the Taskbar Icon

… All my own work age 5 and fwee quartersth ?

Why lose its own Icon it used to have ?, replaced with this low res ■■■■. Someone messed up again and did a botch job on importing this from a web page image somewhere because you lost the original ??

Here’s the original in a shortcut made from the original graphic image :

Sack the artist ( or get him / her sober again next time at work ) … lol

Edited image-link. JoWa

Eeesh… The new dragon looks ■■■■… I cant even see the bookmarks toolbar properly… WTH Comodo… You guys sober while creating this???

Please bring the old look back… It was awesome… The main reason i remained with comodo even when no updates were coming!!!

When new look s provided shouldnt the product manager take care to understand the providing both options to let users slowly adjust to the change…

A ■■■■■■ black theme splashed onto the chrome look… I think i will better switch the browser…

I have another theme now, forgot that you can install other themes, but thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

Hi All,

Thanks for your feedback. We want to hear both positive and negative feedback.

The new look is more in keeping with the Comodo branding for our web site and our forums which also recently changed to this red and black theme. The browser has this exact same colour scheme.

The old Dragon didn’t support custom themes very well and with this new version we now have full support. This is one of the reasons we changed the layout to allow users to have more choice.

You can now go to Settings, Appearance and click Get Themes and all the themes will work. This will allow a myriad of choices.


doesn not explain the blocky degraded Icon for taskbar and desktop shortcut :frowning:

Hi All,

We have a theme for the old color scheme. I’ve attached the theme file, let me know your views on this.


[attachment deleted by admin]

THANKS!! The black toolbar was what I disliked. Now with the old UI it looks much much better. You guys could try a slightly darker… geyish color for the toolbar but with black/dark text, for the new browser but definitely not white text on very dark background.

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Well, this color theme is at least somewhat consistent with the previous style and should be the default one.
Inverted colors (the current default for v.36.1) look pretty bad and inconvenient.

But button placement is also should be restored, so far Dragons’ UI was the best in the spacewise+comfort department, and latest move is a step downhill:
The toolbar is usually pretty loaded with extension shortcuts anyway, and keeping the main menu in the original (top-left corner) location was a big plus, until now…

And even in firefox there is a way to keep a classic menu this way (via add-on, though).

So, the bottom line: - yes the posted color theme is better, and - yes, we need the menu button location back.

Hi smartodo,
I agree, Dragon just isn’t unique anymore in its current state.

Black is sad. :cry:

The menu on the top left is much more convenient.

Kind regards.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Shane,
Please put the menu and Dragon orb back at the top left. :-TD
Keep Dragon unique and leave experimental changes to Chromium Secure.
Thanks for the update and keep them rolling.


Thank you for the old color scheme. It provides a much clearer and easier ‘read’ of the UI.

I do like the menu on the top left. That should not surprise any of you as I still use Opera 12.17. I am having a hard time adapting to it being on the right for the incidental occasions when I open another browser.

As has been noticed by several others the new Dragon icon in the task bar or as a shortcut is a bit clunky for lack of a better word.

Thanx so much for this old, previous theme, Shane. I hope that it will be default theme in the new update CD . Old theme is much more nice , clearer and more practical than new one

Actually, for a change lol! I really like the new theme! Though I DO think you should have kept the Dragon’s Eye as the settings icon, and the new taskbar icon is not very impressive.

Make the Dragon’s Eye more prominent! (Brand recognition!)

Thanks, now im very happy! Kepp up the good work, with the best browser out there :wink:

Thnx for the old color scheme Shane. 1 step in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Now, please put back the Dragon Orb as the icon for the Menu/Settings.

And by the way, regarding the colors of the “old theme”:

Can you please change the “incognito mode” window color to a bluish-gray as is was in dragon <= v33.1, or something else, but as long as it is easily distinguishable from the “normal” windows??

Because, now it uses just usual dragon’s color (somewhat darker), and it makes it pretty hard to destinguish between the two modes at a glance.
(And, yes, I know ther is an “incognito” user icon on the left. But it’s small, and using distinct color for the whole titlebar is much easier to notice)

Hi - I’ve downloaded the original dragon crx file. Could someone tell me how to install it. I think the new black interface is ghastly. :slight_smile: