Comodo Dragon better in security ?


I try to find security improvement in Comodo Dragon.

I already see some alert with ssl certification failed but i read that CD integrate Comodo Verification Engine, but i don’t see it anywhere ? On Comodo Verification Engine, i remember the green border on authenticated site, but nothing different between Google chrome and Comodo Dragon. Someone has an example ?

And, about phishing, Google chrome is better atm …

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that’s gotta be a bug


Which version or Chrome are you using?

Last available on google servers, i delete it (i use google chrome only in virtual box), but if i check, it’s v (36714)

I’m getting a 404 Not Found error for the site in CD. WOT blocks it in Firefox, and Opera blocks it with a fraud alert referring to Netcraft as it’s advisor.

Use that site to find other phisinh site (taken from Verification Engine formus) :

You can try that site :

So, is VE incorporated into CD? If not, is VE compatible with CD???

Only part of the features of VE have been incorporated in to CD at this stage and that’s primarily certificate verification. The extra elements are also going to eventually be incorporated into it.

I’ve not tried compatability between the two yet.