Comodo Dragon Beta ver is now available for beta testing.

Comodo Dragon beta with extension support is now available for beta testing.

excellent work guys!

Keep it going :slight_smile:


Alright ;D ;D

Thanks Shane…

Thanks for the update :). Extension support 8). Do you plan on creating your own extensions?


Thanks for this update!

Great to see extension support and Dragon upgrading from Chromium 3 to Chromium 4. However, is there a chance of also upgrading Dragon to Chromium 5 any time soon? Which is the latest Chromium source code. (Google has that in beta).


Yes, Chromium 5 is coming to dragon…

Hi OmeletGuy.

Thanks for your reply. Do you have a ETA when Chrome 5 is coming to Dragon?


Within this year… ;D

I guess a developer can answer then. :slight_smile:


Hi All,

We’ll release Dragon based on Chromium5 when it goes stable.


Shane can we expect some website blocker like Chrome has?

Wow it seems fast.

Such as?

Such as what is built into Chrome:

Oh, you mean the SafeBrowsingAPI, yeah that is coming. (FF and Chrome use the same stuff)

Hi Everyone,

This thread is an announcement and not the correct area for bug reports.

Please can you move your bug reports to the beta corner so that the Dragon team will be able to locate and address them? :slight_smile:


Shane. :slight_smile:

Posts with bug reports have been moved and renamed here :;msg378861

best regards,

Chrome 4.1 is stable. Google Chrome 4.1, Now Available

Will that code be used in Dragon, or are you going to use 4.0 until 5.0 is stable?

Thanks. :slight_smile: