Comodo Dragon Beta ver Bug-Reports [created by eXPerience]


Hey guys please report your bugs here,

make sure to include the following:

  • Your Operating System (and whether it’s 32bit/64bit);
  • Security Software Installed;
  • How you produced the problem;
  • How you tried to resolve the problem;
  • Screen-shots with the error (if any);
  • Post Memory Dumps on crash if you encounter any;
  • Any other Additional Information;
  • Any Add ons that are installed
  • Website Address if applicable.


Hi !!
If you install the extensions to the settings menu disappears and edit …
Where can I set it to show all the buttons?? ???

Strangely, this doesn’t happen with ALL extensions. Just most.

Installing too many (more than 2? :X) extension will hide away edit this page button… Any ideas how to resize that bar?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Sometimes green, sometimes yellow… :-\

[attachment deleted by admin]

The only problem I’m having is the disappearing CD Tools after installing extensions. I can still access it if I point my mouse at the extreme right corner.

XP/SP3/32 CIS 3.14 Avast 5


Secure SSL/TLS connections that show a green address bar background are authenticated to the Extended Validation EV level, more trusted. This is the same behavior as Internet Explorer, it’s not a bug.

More info here about EV certification.



p.s. new version of Comodo Dragon released today, forums post to follow shortly :slight_smile:

Does this happen for you in the stable version or the beta version only?


It seems that the reason some pages on the forums show yellow for the address bar is that some items on the page is being download over a non-https connection. I’ve asked admins to look into the forums configuration.


Hi Guys, following some more tests, it seems there is also bug in the beta.

Reported and will be fixed at top priority.


As there is a new version out please post the bugs from the new beta here :