Comodo Dragon - Antispyware

I would love to see a standalone antispyware applicaton that would allow me to not only do a range of scans but that have realtime protection and so on…i know i am going to be told that the new CIS is antimalware and it is covered but i have never found anything (cookies, and other low threats with CIS but both SAS and MBAM pick them up on on-demand…so you say if i can pick them up with SAS and MBAM why do i need a comodo dragon?..because it would be awesome…(V)

But the only reason CAVS isn’t detecting them is b/c it’s not in the database and the database is maturing more everyday. I think COMODO would rather perfect CAVS as one of the best integrated anti malware scanners than build another separate AS. :wink:

It seriously isn’t needed. Cookies are not spyware, and are harmless. So CIS doesn’t scan for them and that’s how it’s been coded, atleast a part of the AV engine anyway.

CIS, In the long term will be one of the best AV’s, if not the best. It does already cover everything (Rookits, spyware, viruses, adware, keyloggers, trojans, etc), and an amazing amount of malware is being sent to Comodo by users, and on average 4,000 signatures are released to your computers a day! The AV is also very light, and another Antispyware app is just redundant because of the AV growing to be superior in detection, etc.

I knew that was the reaction i was going to get…BUT i would still like the option to have a stand alone with the capability of scanning only for spyware…and to have a scanning engine that was quicker than that of CAVS. (:NRD)

Don’t get your hopes up… 88)

But the CAVS engine will constantly be improved and be much quicker in the future. I believe there is a separate dedicated team focusing only on the CAVS engine and improvements. :slight_smile:

I was just scanning Google and found Comodo Dragon (this thread and the browser suggestion) listed on the first page of results.
Word gets out there without even trying any more.

That’s awesome…but in anycase i love the name comodo dragon…they just need to develop a program that is as cool as the name! (:KWL)

Doesn’t BOClean already take care of spyware?

Bo-clean and CAVS both cover all types of malware (in other words, malicious executables). bo-clean just scans/monitors differently than normal AVs. :slight_smile: