Comodo Dragon and https enforcer extensions

Could someone please explain to me how exactly https enforcer functions in comparison, to, say, https everyone, kb ssl enforcer, or smart https? I read that it identifies weak certs from strong ones, but, I don’t quite understand that, because all of my certs are coming from Adguard Adblock for windows, so I would think they would all be the same? does this have to do with some https being yellow, while others are green? can you please explain in depth?

Force Secure Connections, Best Browser, Network Security | Comodo Dragon for https enforcer extension. The different colors for https urls is as follows: yellow for domain validated (DV only cert), green for Organisation Validated (OV) certificate, and green bar is Extended Validation (EV) certificate. See this article on the differences of each type of certificate DV, OV, IV, and EV Certificates - Also red is for DV certs issued by Lets Encrypt because reasons.

thanks. In my search for information, I never found that article lol.