Comodo Dragon and Flash Player

I noticed a couple versions back that when I first installed Comodo Dragon after having to re-format my PC, that when it installed and I went to watch a youtube video, the comodo Dragon DID NOT have flash player installed, so I went to check my plugins, and lo and behold, there was no built in flash player in the plugins, so I downloaded it from Adobe. BUT, I found it weird that there was no built in flash, when even chromius for Linux has the built in flash player, did Comodo remove it for whatever reason? or is this some sort of weird bug? even after a few updates now, and un-installing CD, and downloading a fresh installer there is still no built in flash player, even if I import everything from google chrome it still isn’t there, so would appreciate it if you could let me know if the built in flash for chromium browsers was removed from CD, so I don’t have to worry.

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