Comodo Dragon and Def +

Hi everybody

I downloaded Comodo Dragon and try to make rules for it in Def+. So new applic., dragon.exe, everything in ask. I’m in parano mode. Well Dragon does as it suits him whithout a single pop up from Def+. Everything remains correctly on ask, but Def+ don’t ask a single thing.

Any idea how to make Def+ react, because even if Dragon is a Comodo product and as such surely considered by CIS as totaly safe and trusted, it is a brownser and as such should’nt be allowed to have elevated privileges.

Thanks in advance for answers

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you have installed it in default directory?

Try CIS > Defense+ > Defense+ Settings > Create Rules for Safe Applications > Also Make sure the bar is set to paranoid mode

Then Check The Rule Sets
CIS > Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > (Find Dragon.exe)

Also; You’ll Have To Edit The “Protected Files and folders group”
CIS > Defense+ > computer security policy > protected files and folders group > groups > Find Comodo Files and Folders > “C:\Program Files/Folders” > Change To “C:\Program Files\Comodo\COMODO Internet Security”

Did this help?


Thank you Jake for your reply.

Dragon is installed in default directory.

Before my 1st post, Def+ was in parano mode and Create Rules for Safe Applications was checked. I had also made a rule for Dragon.exe in Computer Security Policy with everything set on ask.

Well now, I’m trying to follow your last advice but I’m a bit confused
In Protected Files and Folders, I have 2 groups for Comodo :
COMODO Files\Folders
COMODO Internet Security
In none of them do I have C:\Program Files\Folders.

In the 1st Comodo group, I have the file C:\Program Files\COMODO*
Is it this one that I must change in C:\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security? Or am I missing something in your explanation?

Thanks in advance


Hello Boris;

You should change C:\Program Files\Comodo* to C:\Program Files\COMODO\Comodo Internet Security

See Image for refrence;

Hope this helps


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Thanks again Jake.

I have renamed the file you showed me. But no, it changed nothing. Def+ keeps just as silent.

A funny think too : if I set a rule on block, well Def+ follow the instruction. I tried with access to keyboard and saw in the log that Dragon could’nt access it. Same with hook, if rule set on block Dragon is unable to install one. But when the rules are set on ask, Def+ stops reacting.

So rules set on block, Def+ monitors Dragon
ask , Def+ stops monitoring

I do’nt understand the underlying motive.


I did a bit of testing with Dragon myself and it behaves indeed interestingly when in Paranoid mode.

Can you see if the rule for Dragon is somewhere under the All Applications rule. If so then move the Dragon rule to a place above the All Applications rule and then see what happens and report back.

Hello Eric

Dragon was below all applic in Computer Security Policy. So I dragged it above, but it doesn’t change anything. Def+ still doesn’t alert when Dragon launched and used.

I tried also by putting Dragon.exe in protected files and folders, but again no result.


I tried again with CIS in Proactive/Paranoid. It does not trigger any alarms. Where I get alerts for Outlook and Opera, Opera is idling and Outlook is checking for mail every minute.

This looks like a bug to me. Please consider filing file a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

OK Eric, thank you I’ll try to report it as a bug.

I just downloaded Comodo Dragon it is now set as my default browser, goodbye Google Chrome. But I have a question about Def +. I always install AdBlock and Click and Clean. AdBlock is fine but Def + is running Click and Clean in the sandbox and also running the program as partially limited. It says Click and Clean is a unrecognized file. Is this OK or am I doing something wrong. ???

I love Comodo Dragon. ;D


If Click and Clean functions properly, you could just leave it sandboxed if you want. You can also submit the file to Comodo and have them add it to the whitelist.

Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2011

Thanks HeffeD for the quick reply. It is working just fine. I can use click and clean then CCleaner and it finds no temporary files. I will just leave it sandboxed. I submitted the file through CIS.

Again thanks for your help.


Just move your rule on the top ( over comodo rules since Dragon is in comodo folder )

Already tried that; doesn’t work.

I answered in the other topic


I answered your post of 06:54:07 AM on the other topic. Can we continue there to avoid double posting?


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