Comodo Dragon and

I downloaded and installed Comodo Dragon in my computer 2 months ago and uninstalled it when I discovered was inadvertently installed together. I tryed to uninstall and again, discovered it could not be uninstalled. At most, it could be left disabled.

So I unistalled the whole pack and waited this time (2 months) to see if anything had changed.

I think things doesn’t have to be forced on the client. An option should be presented so the client could make his or hers own choice and decide about installing or not a feature that could be optional.

I 'm fan of Comodo Products and would like to make CD my default browser.

[font=Verdana]I would like to know if it is already possible to install CD without installing
Best Regards,
Julio Borges
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Hi jborges,
Did you try my suggestion last time, posted here?

Ask search should not be included when downloading the installer from the Forum link.
Comodo Dragon ver 27.2 is now available for download

Kind regards.