Comodo Dragon Alpha Wishlist.

Hey Guys add your wishes to this list. ;D ;D

My wish is for it to be 64bit, not just 32bit.

Newer wish,

Have a option on downloads, to Download to CIMA, this would analysis files prior to downloading to your PC.

Second wish.

Add compatibility for Firefox add ons.

I think it would be better if it used scanning like IE8 does with their smart screen filter. I see two ways of doing it, if you have CIS installed, CD knows this and scans the file you just downloaded with the signature base in essence making it into a web scanner and if you don’t have CIS installed it could use the MD5 of the file and compare it to a main server at comodo that houses the signatures.

Will it rn from A USB drive?

AFAIK they’re planning this…


My wish is for it to be 64bit, not just 32bit.
Isn't it already ? i'm using it on a 64bit W7.

Please make it Portable !!!


My wishlist including Firefox’s add-ons that provide functionality…

  • NoScript
  • Blocking Ads (AdBlock Plus)
  • Privacy control including Flash Cookie cleanup (BetterPrivacy)
  • Cookie control per domain (CS Lite)
  • Control Google spyware (Customize Google)
  • UserScripts (Greasemonkey), possible conflict with security…
  • Multiple proxy support (Multiproxy)
  • Referer control per domain (Refcontrol)


Option to submit a site for inclusion in Verification Engine
Option to submit a download link to CIMA


Flash and inline media capture
Domain completion (, etc.)
Add a third option - “Not this time” to password remembering
Save web page as image or PDF
Restore last closed tab
Send page by email as link
Send page by email as image/PDF
Middle click on highlighted text copies to clipboard
Blocked domain list

Ewen :slight_smile:

Display more then one “block” for a hidden password character this will make reading the number of chars used for the password more difficult…

Master password protection for saved passwords…

Please don’t make proxy settings depending on OS settings, way to inflexible for “multi proxy” support.

To be able to put a file (adblock.ini) in the same way that you can do in Iron browser to block unwanted advertising.

Option to automatically clear session data (URL history, temporary internet files, recent browse history etc.) on browser shutdown.

Ability to not store Browsing and Download History at all.

Option to use Private Browsing ‘Incognito’ as Default.

Plus all of Ronny’s and Panic’s wishes so far.


you actually already have this one : press ctrl+shift+N and there will be no files saved.


My wish: When you close all tabs, CD doesn’t close, but simply goes back to the Most Used Webpages (opera style)
at this moment, when you close the last tab, the whole browser closes :frowning:


Option to delete all cookies on closure, except those for websites you have listed as exceptions.

More Firefox add-ons, echofon, Windfox, IeTab, WOT.

Please add Mouse gestures also

Also please adopt the BLUE bar for DV SSL sites and the GREEN bar for EV SSL sites

True, but what I don’t have is the ability to remember to do this every time I shut the browser down. :wink: