Comodo Dragon and the Comodo Dragon 8.0

Hello Everyone, I originaly Installed comodo Dragon at version 8.0, and I attempted to install the WOT(Web of Trust) Extension, it installed, but will not display it’s rankings, and when i click the WOT Icon, it shows itself as ‘Activating WOT’ now the WOT extension works just fine in Google Chrome, but not COmodo Dragon, when they are both based off Chromium, except Dragon adds in Comodos tweaks(whatever they may be) I have the feeling it’s something you all add-in security wise that is preventing WOT from activating, any help on this would be great, or a Bug fix would be even better, and I am using Comodo Dragon version now, and it still has the same problem, I tried disabling WOT, and re-enablign it, didn’t work, tried un-installing it, and re-installing it, didn’t work, so it’s something on your end, again, hope you can help, thanks in advance.


This is because WOT uses a Domain Validated certificate for their HTTPS pages, which the WOT extension uses heavily. Dragon does not like these Domain Validated certificates and thus the cause of the problem.

is there any way to work around this? or fix it on my end? or is it something COmodo needs to fix?

It’s really something WOT needs to fix. They want you to trust them but they don’t trust you with their company name and location.

It is something WOT needs to fix.

Domain validated certificates only require that you have a domain and valid email address. OV and EV require a legal paper trail, like a passport identification, and are therefor more secure. Domain validated certs are a security pest.

I see, well, that’s lame, oh well, thanks for the quick replies.

I don’t use it, but I have read other users using the Ultimate Chrome Flag extension for WOT results.