Comodo Dragon 46 is now available for download.

Hi All,
Hi Everyone,

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon Version 46.

Comodo Dragon Version 46 can be downloaded from:

What’s new

  • Updated to Chromium 46 codebase.

Windows XP Users
Dragon 46 does not support Windows XP.

We are currently investigating whether it is feasible to continue XP support. At Comodo we have your security at the forefront of our thinking and for this reason we recommend our users upgrade from XP (which is no longer supported by Microsoft) to a later version of Windows that is supported by Microsoft.

Comodo Dragon and Chromodo both share the same amazing DNA built for speed, security and privacy with Comodo Dragon brand being aimed at our beloved loyal users and Chromodo aimed at a wider audience for those who like the Chrome/Chromium experience but seamlessly want the Dragon DNA.


The Comodo Browser Team.

You just updated the core? are there any fixes?
What about this problem… is this fixed?
“This browser does not support video playback.”

It’s great to see that Comodo Dragon is on the road again. Congratulations guys, great work !

Hi yigido,

The team are working on the issue as a top priority.

We expect to have it fixed in the next version release.


Can I expect a hotfix release ? or it will be fixed in next major release?
and Shane, can you please write changelogs under the first post?

Thanks for the reply.

Hi Shane-

Nice release. Using CD 46 as my default browser; it’s working well. Congrats to you, and the Comodo Team, for keeping CD on a fast track. Thanks.


excellent work guys!

Congratulations with the release. Is the only change the update to the Chromium 46 codebase?

It seems. Because Shane did not asnwer my question. Just codebase updates…every release.
I have the same bug with latest 2 release, still not fixed.

I am really wondering about this, Are Comodo employees use the browsers of Comodo?

I do!

I saw screenshots of employees on forum in the past… any of them do not use the browsers.
Whats your main browser Melih? our loyal Dragon or Chromodo (sheath dressed dragon) ? or halfbrother IceDragon :frowning:

we promote Dragon, but we don’t force. I know some use Icedragon for example because they are used to mozilla way of doing things etc…

Thank you for your answer Melih :slight_smile: I am keeping my loyal Dragon and Firefox. I want to use IceDragon but it is always behind the current Firefox release. I promote Dragon to my friends because of this.

Comodo has recently hired new people for the browsers. So I would expect IceDragon to catch up more in the upcoming months. May be Melih can shine a little more light?


Can we know the number of Comodo browser users one by one? I am really wondering the answer.

Why do you want to know?

Just wondering

i don’t understand the question.

I believe we have over 3-4 Million active (active being users who use it everyday) users and growing.

Thanks for the answer :-TU