Comodo Dragon - 15.0 (32 BIT) When going to be (64 BIT)

When going to be (64 BIT)?

System Requirements
Comodo Dragon - 15.0 (32Bit)

32-bit Windows 7 / Vista / XP
128 MB RAM
40 MB Hard Disk Space

I don’t have a 64 bit OS, but many say it runs just fine on 64 bit.

I hope one day it will 32bit and 64 bit software - Comodo Dragon

What I’m saying is that you shouldn’t have any problems running on your 64 bit system.

Chromium promised a 64 bit version two years ago, people are still waiting! Until that happens, it’s unlikely any of the repackaged versions, such as Dragon, will have a native 64 bit client, although Chromium 64 bit builds are available for Linux and MAC, so there may not be that long to wait…

Edit: Typed Chrome should have been Chromium.

Thanks for the chrome update

i am running win7 64 bit with dragon v15. it runs great

All 32 bit programs work just fine in Win& 64 bit but although IE9 has both 32 and 64 bit versions it is unfeasible at the moment as the vast majority of online sites are still run on 32 bit technology. So 64 bit is not very practical at the moment just try browsing with IE9 64 bit version and see how many of your favorite sites you can access.

Would you mind qualifying what you mean by this statement, please.

So 64 bit is not very practical at the moment just try browsing with IE9 64 bit version and see how many of your favorite sites you can access.

If you’ve had problems accessing a site it’s doubtful it was because the browser was a 64 bit variant, although the 64 bit version of IE has a broken javascript engine, so if you were seeing something odd… Perhaps you could give an example of a site where you’ve experienced these issues.

In terms of practicalities, using a native 64 bit client can in fact provide many benefits over it’s 32 bit counterpart. For example, it’s ability to address greater amounts of memory, Increased performance with computer intensive tasks, significant improvements with WebGL, CSS Layouts, and generally with multimedia, there’s also improved security.

Personally, for the last several months, I’ve been using the nightly 64 bit builds of firefox along with the 64 bit plugins for flash, silverlight and java and everything has been working extremely well. I’ve also been using 64 bit browsers on Linux for a lot longer and have never encountered issues.

Currently i am using a 64 bit build of firefox and that is one of the main reasons i haven’t gone to dragon as my primary browser.

I was just going by the following article I read over at Gizmo’s site.


Although Windows 7 / Vista 64 include both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Internet Explorer, version 8 in the case of Windows 7, many prefer more secure products. The 32 bit versions of Firefox, Google Chrome,and Opera all work without a hitch under both operating systems.

Apart from 64 bit Internet Explorer, the only other 64 bit browser currently available, and still under development, is an unofficial version of Firefox based on the Mozilla code. Various preview versions can be found here. I’ve found version 3.6.3 to be as stable as the 32 bit version. This version will import all of your bookmarks and history from 32 bit Firefox. All currently installed addons are checked for compatibility when 64 bit Firefox is started, and those that are known to work are loaded automatically.

Although active development has been under way for some time these applications are not yet ready for daily use:

To support Java, a 64 bit browser requires a 64 bit version of the Java Runtime Environment. There is a suitable version of JRE for Windows 7 / Vista 64, but no major Web site actually supports this combination of software.
Adobe has still not given any indication of when a 64 bit Windows version of their Flash Player will be made available, and the 32 bit version cannot be used in conjunction with a 64 bit browser under Windows 7 / Vista 64.
Some sites may simply refuse to allow access to a 64 bit browser.
Common addons for Firefox that interact with external 32 bit applications such as Roboform are not compatible with the 64 bit version of the browser.

If you find these restrictions unacceptable, stick with a 32 bit browser. See:

I am running Dragon 15 on my W7 Home Premium x64 SP1 and it works great. I had no idea that there was even a question about it not running on x64 until I just stumbled across this. No issues at all here, and that’s with AdBlock and a Dark Theme installed.

Unfortunately the article is quite outdated and really bears no reflection on the current state of play.

The discussion is actually about running/wanting a native 64 bit browser as opposed to running a 32 bit browser on a 64 bit OS.

Got it, my bad.

So, other than IE9 what other 64 bit browsers are there?.

All the major browsers are available in 64 bit versions on Linux and most are available on MAC. On Windows, currently there’s IE and firefox. However, it’s possible to build 64 bit chromium from source.

Thanks for that. Where can I get a 64 bit version of Firefox though. I did a google search and found a link and thought I had downloaded Firefox 7.0.1 64 bit. However when installing it I got a box asking me to install a translation program called Babylon and even though I unchecked it I found that it had installed itself anyway and the Firefox that installed was the 32 bit version. It was good that I have Comodo Programs Manager installed and got rid of it easily enough but over at the Mozilla forums I can see no mention of a 64 bit download?. I did find a link to a Firefox based 64 bit browser called Waterfox which has just released their final version and on the face of it appears to be a good one. Once I have checked out some reviews on it I may install it, but 64 bit browsers for Windows are few and far between. Perhaps Comodo should attempt to exploit an obvious gap in the market. I for one would be a user as I have used Comodo products for years and trust them.

Take a look

Thank you.