Comodo downloads the base_end_user database each day, it hurts my dataplan

Hello, new computer, but a long user of comodo. All is good but each day comodo downloads again the base_end_user database. That is 380 mb of file, and I’m on a monthly mobile datacap.

Anyone have any idea what could cause this? Why comodo keeps forgetting the database?

Thank You

ok, comodo downloaded the database again. It downloaded the database a few hours ago :frowning:

Can I suggest you raise this as a bug. Myself and others have had issues with the updates, but perhaps not as badly as you, and downloading that much data each time is clearly terrible.

I don’t use CAV myself, but if this is a bug then as suggested above you can submit it here.

Either way, what you could do is disable AV Updates or the entire AV Module (or just install Comodo Firewall instead) and rely on HIPS/Auto-Containment.

The HIPS and Auto-Containment modules will protect your system from at least most infections anyway.

However if you want to be able to run file scans of non-running malware, then you could use a different AV for that task alongside Comodo.

If malware is ran on the system that Comodo knows about, Comodo should still block any detected Malware anyway (as part of the Auto-Containment rules) as it is based on the File Ratings from Comodo’s cloud lookup.

If you do not have the ‘Action - Block’ ‘File belongs to - All Applications’ ‘File Rating - Malicious’ rule in your Auto-Containment, then you can create a new rule and add it. This should make sure that detected malware is prevented from running on your system. You can also have Comodo quarantine the file by going into this rule, going to options, and then checking ‘Quarantine program’.

Hope this helps.

Hello seifdawens & MikeDiack,

Thank you for reporting.
Could you please check with latest CIS v12.2.1.6950 Beta 2.If it still persist’s in the sense don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,