COMODO Download Virus Infected File Prevention Protection (DVIFPP)

something like this:

you know how when you download malware, viruses, trojans and the other things but its the install file and your antivirus doesnt know what it is till its installed? well this can scan the install file and look at the “sub” install files WITHOUT installing it to your hard drive…this will prevent damage to your hard drive BEFORE it installs it self and does damage…this could be useful for schools and Work places to prevent damage to the server and the computer :slight_smile:

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Remember It’s still in Beta

  • Jacob

eh…no…it scans the downloaded files BEFORE you install it

One way is to make a sig for the installer…

But are you meaning that CAV/CIS should scan the installer’s files before the installer installs?

BTW, I doubt Comodo will make a separate app for this…they may put it in CIS though.

yeah…or even when the download is done it scans it

Hi AntivirusXpert,

There were discussions about real-time scanning

First, it is inefficient, secondly it is not always possible, say if torrent protocol is used; then files can be packed by the software “this” particular Antivirus does not recognize; downloaded file is passworded - nothing AV or other scanner can do in real-time it will just ignore scanning … and so on… e.g:

It is better to look at solutions as reviewed in here:

In this case you can even watch and enjoy malware installation :slight_smile: and see how it makes changes to your system … but in vain as a result

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Curses! aw well…