comodo download manager

why not developed comodo download manager… for secure download…

does anyone here likes my idea of new software??
okay here’s one advantage of the software>… you can check file while downloading…if it contains any malware then its deleted before being downloaded… some more security for PC and laptop… 8)

Comodo is currently working to get Site Inspector integrated in CIS. That will pretty much do what you are asking for I think.

site inspector… from the name i think its about checking malicious links or website containing harmful script…
but what i’m suggesting is different… is like that of internet download manager but with security features…

I would like to see a DL manager also, but integrated into Dragon. Things like, auto shutdown, resume, youtube grab, and other features that DL managers have but is missing in Dragon.


+1 built in dragon for resume of broken downloads due to internet failure or other reasons